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Computer Science Graduate

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I'm Tan

A Computer Science Graduate

Based in Singapore

Tan possesses a solid foundation in computer science principles and programming languages, acquired through academic achievement, self- learning and professional certification.

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AI/ML Tennis Analysis system with YOLO, PyTorch, and Key Point Extraction

Centered on refining machine learning and computer vision abilities, this project delves into the analysis of tennis players in videos to quantify their speed, ball shot velocity, and shot count. We will leverage on YOLO (You Only Look Once) for players and tennis ball detection, and harness CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) for court keypoint extraction.

Project Picture

Rapido - E-Commerce F&B Store

Individual Capstone Project Challenge: Build an e-commerce F&B store w/ Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. Features: Real-World application development, Shopping cart development, User management, Password management, Shipping and order functionality, Styling and validation, Cart functionality, Email verification, Payment Integration with PayPal / Debit & Credit Card, Context processors, Model management.